Friday, September 12, 2008


Ok, today was crazy! There's tell of gas prices skyrocketing due to the hurricane! The gas stations were insane! I was driving and trying to snap a few pics so here they are. Not too good of pics but anyway, I thought I'd share.
When Matt and I got to Sheetz in MH, there were cops at both entrances directing traffic! If it was too full, they made you just drive by so the road wouldn't be stopped up! Once we got in, it was so crazy! Unfortunately, I was so overwhelmed by it all, I didn't take any photos there!

Chinnie Treat Time!

The chins know when it is treat time! I had to run and grab my camera when they were all begging! I was laughing like crazy! I have definitely fallen in love with them again! It's nice now that there room truly only has their cage and their supplies in it! The last pic is when they have their shreddies, they have all run off to their seperate places to devour the goodies!

Attack Lindsey!

Apparently, Sunny thought it would be fun to 'grace' Lindsey with his presence today!

We all got a kick out of it! Thankfully, Lindsey loves Sunny!


My dear friend Renita came through her surgery wonderfully! Thank you all for your prayers! Today, I presented her with the Everyday Display decorated with so many cards and prayers, as well as the check from the fundraiser that many of you participated in! What a blessing! She is so precious and I am so grateful to all of you who participated in this! Here are some pics of me and her when I made the delivery at her work today! She LOVED it! And I love all of you!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sunny "Green Jeans" Tyree

My puppy is getting so big!! It's so hard to imagine how small he was when we first got him and to think of how big he will continue to be! He is such a sweet puppy! I could eat him up with a spoon! A great cuddle bug and so smart! Sunny is a for sure heart-stealer! If I'm having a bad day, he comes up and gives me that sweet puppy face and makes it all better!! I have to brag (like any proud mom)- He is very smart although sometimes hard-headed! He knows the following commands and words: SIT, DOWN, GIMME PAW, GIMME OTHER PAW, STAY, COME, GET THE FROG (his toy frog) GET THE ICE, EAT FOOD, TREAT, GO TO BED, PILLOW, GET THE BALL, GO POTTY, and of course, the ever famous "NO!" He has no desire to mess with our shoes but we are trying to teach him that the house plants are mommy's!! Here's a couple of pictures of him. First, when we first got him and now- look how he's grown! He turned 5 months old on September 1st!

Also, notice how much greener our grass was from June to August!
Janet & Gary- If you are seeing this, can you even believe how much he's grown!