Friday, April 24, 2009

Sweet Little Angel

Here is a poem that I wrote for a friend who had a miscarraige:

Sweet Little Angel

There’s a sweet little angel in heaven above
That knows your name and knows your love
With a big sunny smile and locks of gold
A happy heart and a laugh that’s bold

Joyfulness is the dance, yes, it must be
Of one who runs and plays so happily
So do not be sad for the wait that’s long
Your angel is watching you be so strong

You will share strength with others some day
Who have lost all hope and have gone astray
You may be the one to let others know
That God loves them so don’t let go

His love is holding you and an angel in his hand
His strength is secure when you cannot stand
When you are weary and need to rest
Cling to the Father who loves you the best

Keep your faith close and hold it tight
So that your yoke is easy and your burden light
Believe that God in His power has spoken your love
To a child that is waiting for you in heaven above