Saturday, July 4, 2009

Where have I been?

Hello Blog-world!
Well, since Matt and I have been on the adoption journey and now that I am on Facebook, my poor little blog has been neglected!
So here I am playing catch-up again!
Ok, Matt and I are now certified to be foster, foster to adopt, or adopt parents! We are excited and we are just waiting for God to bring the right kids into our lives! Preparation has been fun! Thanks to my friend Becky, we have furniture waiting in the last bedroom! She gave us a matching twin bed and dresser that are white and natural wood- I love it! So now both kiddo rooms are furnished! YAY!
The week before last we enjoyed vacation in Williamsburg with Lewis and Lindsey- fun time!
Other than becoming certified, I can't think of any other life-changing events that have happened! I have thought of a couple stories to write about on here over the past few weeks but now that I am on here, they escape me!
Matt and I baked our first pie yesterday, perhaps, I should write about that!