Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Most Special Gift

We celebrated Christmas with my parents and my sister and Paul today. My sister gave me the most special gift! First of all, you must know that she and I are both 'die-hard' Audio Adrenaline fans even though they are in 'retirement'. The second thing you need to know is that two years ago I made an album for her at Christmas called "Over 100 Childhood Memories"- which made her cry a lot! (I think she's wanted to get me back ever since then!)

Now that you are brought up-to-speed, here is what happened! I had run to Food Lion to get some Orange soda for Paul (his favorite) then I rushed home because I remembered that I had left the house with an apple cake in the oven!!! Matt was home but didn't know the cake was done! So I flew back up the driveway and my sister and Paul were already here. I jumped out of the car, ran inside and took the cake our of the oven(just in time!) and then went to bring in the sodas!

My sister was waiting for my attention! Then she asked if I had a minute so we could get on the computer! She told me to go online to and play the video for Audio A's 'Ocean Floor'. I had never seen the video although I know the words by heart! The song talks about how God takes all of our sin away and casts them on the ocean floor. In the video, people from all walks of life find seashells in their path and they take them to the ocean and cast them in as a symbol reminding them that God has separated their sins as far away as the ocean floor! Then she presents me with 'the gift', a HUGE conch shell with this engraved:


Of course, I busted out crying and gave her a big hug! Well, a bunch of big sobbing hugs! This is a most special gift that I will always cherish! But she is the real treasure! A sister's love is immeasurable! She is the greatest gift that my parents ever gave me- a sissy-poo to be there through all the good, fun, hard, sad, and tough times!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Dog's Life!

Tonight, I went to put my puppy to bed when I found him already in bed! Isn't he precious! I said a quick prayer that he'd stay just like that until I got back with the camera! The soccer ball is the first toy we ever got him and took it with us when we picked him up and rubbed his mom and siblings' scent on it. It has long since been washed but he still loves it! The purple dog was a gift to Sunny from my friend Lori!

Okay, here is a picture from Thanksgiving Day to show you just how much Sunny LOVES his toys! Mom picks them all up and puts them in his basket and then he pulls them all right back out again! Although, I am thankful that he knows what is his and what is moms!

Here is some pampering if I ever saw it! Freshly bathed and dried and now getting furminated! We should have taken a picture of the small dog that was removed from him!!!!!
I love this picture though because he is chewing his rawhide and enjoying the good life of being pampered and to top it off, his little ear had flipped back all on it's own!

And now, for my little Court Jester! I forgot to post this with the Halloween Pictures! Even Sunny had to dress up too! I love this silly puppy!