Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Dog's Life!

Tonight, I went to put my puppy to bed when I found him already in bed! Isn't he precious! I said a quick prayer that he'd stay just like that until I got back with the camera! The soccer ball is the first toy we ever got him and took it with us when we picked him up and rubbed his mom and siblings' scent on it. It has long since been washed but he still loves it! The purple dog was a gift to Sunny from my friend Lori!

Okay, here is a picture from Thanksgiving Day to show you just how much Sunny LOVES his toys! Mom picks them all up and puts them in his basket and then he pulls them all right back out again! Although, I am thankful that he knows what is his and what is moms!

Here is some pampering if I ever saw it! Freshly bathed and dried and now getting furminated! We should have taken a picture of the small dog that was removed from him!!!!!
I love this picture though because he is chewing his rawhide and enjoying the good life of being pampered and to top it off, his little ear had flipped back all on it's own!

And now, for my little Court Jester! I forgot to post this with the Halloween Pictures! Even Sunny had to dress up too! I love this silly puppy!

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