Friday, October 10, 2008

Little Hassles

Today our heat pump decided to freeze up! Instead of calling the folks to come out and check it out which is automatically $90- I decided to just turn it off and open all the windows and let the air flow through today. It was gorgeous outside! A couple of hours ago, it looked like the heat pump was pretty much thawed out but we have decided to just leave it off until tomorrow. So we have all the windows open now and we can hear the crickets, tree frogs, and such. I love it! The clean crisp air and the cool autumn breeze combined with the symphony outdoors reminds me of my Grandmoms house! If only I had crisp, clean, cool, super-tight tucked sheets on my bed, I'd really feel like I was at her house! Just as a side note, I definitely have the best grandma in the world! Tonight, I will take a step back and just relax and enjoy the melody of sounds and the sweet breeze rolling through.

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Amy said...

Boy, that sounds heavenly!! I LOVE having the windows open & hearing all the sounds & smelling all the right now, I'm sitting by the window smelling the freshly mown hay as Philip cuts the field. Aaaaahhh!