Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year 2013!

I've approached this new year without the usual resolutions. This year holds a couple of new goals for me. They will both take a lot of effort and most of the year to complete. Even if I fail, I'm looking forward to see what this new year holds.

I know changes are coming.
Big changes.

I'm not sure what our little world is going to look like when we close the door on this year but I do know that things will be different.

The year is young, only three days old and really, I haven't done much toward my goals. Just today, I've labeled them.

First, I have resolved to relax a little bit more. And in honor of this venture, I've decided to leave our Christmas tree up through January. Sounds crazy, doesn't it? For me, it definitely does. I believe today already makes a record on how long I've ever left it up.

Part of "relaxing" includes just enjoying life with my kids more. The time passes all too quickly and while they can drive me crazy, I love them and I know that one day I will miss these young days. My kids and I all love the colorful lights, thus we shall enjoy them longer. We will put away the ornaments this weekend and then decorate the tree with cut-out paper snowflakes. Hopefully, we will get some snowfall this January to enjoy together.

Now, that I've told you that I want to relax more, you may have this mental image that I'll be sitting around reading a good book with a latte all year. Even though that sounds lovely, that won't work with my second goal. Actually, at first glance, the two contradict each other but with an intense gaze, they partner quite nicely.

My second notion is to clear out! Throughout the year, I want to CLEAR OUT every drawer, cabinet, closet, attic box, basement cubby, and file cabinet to rid myself of everything non-essential.

Sounds like a lot of work for someone wanting to relax more...

If we haven't worn it, used it, need it, or love it, it needs a new home. We have too many things that could be a blessing to someone else instead of a stowaway in a corner. I know that this needs to be accomplished and I know that more freedom will come as I clear things away.

What do you resolve?
I plan for more snuggles and laughter with less clutter and junk.

Smile :) donnamusing

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