Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Feather Pillow

As a child, I remember sleeping over at my GranMa's house. Her sheets were always crisp and I could smell the sunshine that dried them. Better than that, she had feather pillows. Why are feather pillows so exciting? Well, I'm glad you asked.

A Garfield comic strip had given me a grand idea. Somehow, a feather had landed just perfectly so that as Garfield snored, the feather would fly up and then come back down to his lips again. This happened over and over- ultimately, leading my small brain to believe that this could be done. And, so I tried.

Each time I curled up on the crisp sheets after saying goodnight to my GranMa, I would feel around on the pillow and pluck a feather loose. Then, I would try to accomplish my quest. Over and over, I would place it on my lips, blow it up, and then it would land somewhere on the sheet. I'd feel around for it and try again. Much to my dismay, I never achieved the task.

Nearly ten years ago, I spent the night with my GranMa when I'd work at my boss's satellite office near her home. Even still, I would pluck out a feather and try. Mostly just for fun and the nostalgia of it... but, it could happen, maybe.

Well, today that memory came rushing over me as my daughter plucked a feather from the decorative pillow in our office. I watched as she rubbed it up and down her arm. She admitted, "Sometimes, I like to pull the feathers out of this pillow."

I reassured her by telling her my story. So, there we lay trying to blow a feather up from our lips and hoping it would come back to the same place so we could start again.

I'm happy to share that I've tempted my daughter with a lifelong quest.
I'm ashamed to realize that my GranMa probably has a half-filled pillow in her guestroom. ;)

Smile :) donnamusing

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