Friday, May 9, 2008

Chocolate and Birdhouses

My friend, Lori recently told me a neat story about her 80-something grandma. In the dead of winter with snow on the ground, her granny said, "I sure wish I had some chocolate". Within minutes, the doorbell rang with a young girl selling chocolate bars for a fundraiser. Wow! Whether she was a little angel or just a common child knowing that she would find people at home on such a dreary day- what an amazing example that God cares for the little things. Lori told her granny that she definitely had a "direct line" for special orders. Later the same day that Lori shared this story with me- Lori had mentioned how she had no idea what to get her mom for Mother's Day. Within a couple hours, a man came by our office selling these adorable homemade birdhouses!! Quite a few of us scooped them up as gifts. I reminded Lori of what she said and told her that she had a "direct line" as well. The good news is we all do! God cares about the little things. I know sometimes I have felt that my 'little thorn in the flesh' wasn't big enough to mention when there are plenty of BIG things to pray about. What a humbling reminder that God knows our thoughts afar off and he prepares chocolate and birdhouses to arrive at just the right time!

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Amy said...

Wow...what a sweet story...thanks for sharing. I love to hear stories from folks that show how God cares about the 'little' things! I know on our message board that several times people have asked for prayer for a special kitty that has wondered off, etc....& my friend, Jules is always the first to say how much God cares for the things that WE care for....even our special animal friends!