Friday, August 17, 2012


After our study of Virginia last week, I let my son choose which state we would study next. (I don't care what order we do them in as long as we get them all done.)

With excited glee, he proclaimed, "OHIO! I've wanted to learn about Ohio for a long time."

My quizzical brow popped up as I asked him, "Really? Since when?"

It was then that he reminded me that last year- in the third grade- he wrote a letter to a boy in Ohio as a class project. Silly mom, how could you forget something like that! ;)

This week, I learned a few things, too. Ohio had the first traffic light, police car, and ambulance. Ohio shares the same state bird as we do here in VA- the cardinal. Ohio is akin to VA with one of its nicknames as well. Virginia is known as "The Mother of Presidents" since eight presidents were born here. Ohio has given us seven presidents, earning the name "The Mother of Modern Presidents."

Even if you didn't know that Columbus is the capital of Ohio or that tomato juice is the state's beverage, I bet you knew the state tree. Yep, the buckeye tree. The tree attained the name from Native Americans who thought the seed looked like the eye of a buck. (Ohioans say that carrying one around in your pocket will bring you good luck!)

So, what's the best thing about all this new-found knowledge? Making a recipe, of course. I almost chose a savory dish for this week's study but who could turn down making Buckeyes?

Another name for Buckeyes is peanut butter balls, basically. Remembering the best peanut butter balls that Bill (a sweet old fella) used to bring us at the office; I also remembered his trick. He always put a little honey in the mix... so I did. It was a fun way to remember him but mine didn't taste near as good as his.

Well, this is where it got messy... and I must admit, I'm a little impatient in the kitchen and this recipe required some "wait" time. The middle mix was a bit runny and had to chill extra long.

In the end, they may not be as pretty as we envisioned when we started but they are yummy! The best part is we had fun learning together.

Smile :) donnamusing

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