Thursday, March 7, 2013

May Your 'Wowwies' Be Behind You...

Mrs. D did an excellent job of not even letting Lora know that she was in therapy, as Lora would refer to her as, "my big friend, Mrs. D." On this particular day, they were decorating masks with feathers, stickers, jewels, and pom-pom balls.

Over the past four years, this little angel had been passed around twelve times. Lora longed for permanency, a forever mom and dad. Lora would tell her big friend how much she wanted to stay with us in our "wovewy" home. (her l's and r's sounded like w's)

While decorating masks together, Mrs. D said to Lora, "I know you are worried about having to leave this mommy and daddy. See this pile of pom-pom balls, let's pretend they measure how worried you are. Make a pile to show me."

With her tiny four-year old hands, she scooped up as many pom-poms as she could hold and moved them over to her side of the table, repeating this action until the entire pile rested in front of her.

Mrs. D acknowledged Lora's concern but then asked her, "What would happen to all that worry if the judge says you can stay forever?"

Again, those two small hands moved each pom-pom until every last one sat on the chair behind her.

Mrs. D asked, "What does that mean?"

"Mrs. D, it means that 'aw' my 'wowwies' 'wiww' be behind me," Lora replied.

About six months after this, we were able to tell them that they were, in fact, without a doubt, staying forever. That was the day those pesky 'wowwies' were put behind us. And what a beautiful day that it was.

I encourage you, the next time you are having a craft day with your kids- pick up a pom-pom ball and put it behind you. Take joy that your adopted child is yours forever. If you are still on the road to adoption, hold on tight, your day will come. One day your 'wowwies' will be far behind you, as well.

Smile :) donnamusing

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