Saturday, July 13, 2013

Celebrations of Life and Love!

Last week was a FULL week. A week of celebrations! We celebrated  my nephew's baby dedication, Independence Day, the wedding of two dear friends, a friend's birthday, and my son's birthday.

My nephew's baby dedication was a time of hope and of blessing. How small and precious he is. His new life brings hope and happiness. His little smile is so joyful and I know the world is a better place with him in it. We celebrated with his mom and dad while praying for his future.

We enjoyed a fun-filled day with Grandparents at Poplar Forest for Independence Day! Complete with a sword swallower, pony rides, dress-up fun, dances for the kids, writing with quills, watching a potter, lace maker, wool spinner, and basket maker. And don't forget the funnel cakes and deep-fried oreos. What started as a completely soggy morning turned out to be a wonderful time for all! The only problem is I wore blue jeans. In a sad attempt, I tried to convert them to shorts. Note to self: on hot days wear shorts, even if it is raining.

Our friends' wedding was simply a dream. With only family and close friends, the attendance ran around forty people. But trust me, just because it was small, doesn't mean a single detail was left out. Every detail held a story. Probably many that I will never know, small secrets for the bride and groom.
The heart of this man and woman captivated us all. I feel certain there was not a dry eye in the place.
And my favorite part of any wedding is watching the groom's face as he patiently awaits his bride, then seeing his expression as she enters the scene.
I won't fully divulge all the beauty of this intimate gathering but I will share this one small detail.
The wedding cake consisted of cupcakes chosen by the bride and groom.
The oreo cupcake chosen by the bride and the raspberry filling chosen by the groom. Both were delicious. (Yes, I had one of each since they had enough for each guest to have one there and pre-packaged ones to take home.)

I experienced the joy of a child's birthday twice. We celebrated with dear friends at Putt-Putt and with our son at FunQuest. If nothing else, these birthdays remind me of how much I'm aging. Just trying to keep up with the kids is a work-out in itself. But the happiness in a child's eyes is so fulfilling. My son is in double digits now! How did that happen? Although, I enjoy watching him grow into a young gentleman. He grows leaps and bounds with each passing year.

So, here is to a week of celebrations! To new life, to childhood, to finding your soulmate. We rejoice with all of our friends and loved ones and wish them all many more happy times to come.

Smile :) donnamusing

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donnamusing said...

And how can I forget the sweet rainbow shining over the wedding venue. It could not have been better!