Friday, September 28, 2012

Unexpected Moments

I woke up this morning feeling awesome. I had just the right amount of sleep and comfort. I wasn't hurting and best of all, it was Friday! That means no school because we operate on a four-day week.

I had my whole day planned out, complete with a trip for ice cream while continuing to read book number three in the Narnia series with my kids.

Well, as soon as I went to get my daughter up to start the 'kids get ready' cycle in our house, my son burst from his bedroom door. He said he needed to go to the bathroom really bad and couldn't do our usual morning routine. Okay, no worries- go to the bathroom.

Well, his trip to the bathroom turned into 'goof off in the bathroom' and 'make funny faces in the mirror' time. By the time I realized he was horsing around instead of getting dressed and brushing his teeth, our entire morning routine was shot.

You see, my dog had a hair appointment and I did not want to be late.

My son's rearranging of the schedule made us run out the door without breakfast. Instead, I had a bad attitude. Now, everything was ruined. All the "fun" I had planned was ruined.

I gathered myself together and realized that it didn't have to be ruined. We could go out for breakfast and then "on with the fun!"

And we did.

Yet, once we reached our destination for reading our book, the kids loved the garden area I chose for our story and to my dismay were more interested in "playing Narnia" than reading the book.

At first, I was indignant and frustrated that all of my plans were being ruined... All of these plans I had to make the day wonderful for them. I couldn't help but point out how they were messing up the fun plans I had for them. Unfortunately, I was too blind to see their little minds desiring to play and be creative. They have loved the first two Narnia books so much- begging me to read until my throat had gotten raw, just to see what happened next. And on this day, I had taken them to an enchanted land to read. 

We ended up having to move from our spot because a lady arrived in a beautiful white gown for her Bridal Portraits. Immediately, I offered us to leave and the kids were not happy. Finally, mom caught on and said, "You guys, we have to go, that's the white witch and she will turn us all to stone." Honestly, that was probably the most FUN thing I did ALL DAY! Of course, it only helped that there was already one statue in the garden.

Today I learned it's not always about enjoying the plans we lay out but capturing the moments that make life special.

The only thing that "ruined" any part of my day was myself and the best parts of OUR day were not planned at all but were the unexpected moments that allowed me to see happiness in my children's eyes.

Smile :) donnamusing

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