Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Personal (non)Fashion

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a fashion diva...

Unfortunately, I'm quite the opposite. Somewhere in my mind, I'm stuck in the 90's grunge fashion. And fall is just the season for the grunge-girl inside of me to rear her ugly head! Yep, dirty ripped up blue jeans with a flannel shirt tied around my waist - that's me!

Comfortable shoes are a must- sneakers, flip-flops, clogs and clunky boots- now we are talking! Oh, and don't forget my BIG earrings, I'm talking about peace signs that are visible from across the street.

Unfortunately, my hair is natural 80's curl, instead of the long straight hair that would match my grunge look a little more perfectly. That's okay, that's what baseball caps are for.

After scouring the internet, I found a photo that suits my style. I would be the girl on the right - the one with the gigantic cross. (minus the dangerous skateboard, of course) And change her hair to my infamous curls and well, that's where I'm stuck with my fashion.

If I ever wore a dress- I was known to do the "babydoll dress with boots" look:

These boots would be "too high" for me (I don't do heels) but otherwise, this would be me- cutoffs and a flannel with some boots a little closer to the ground:

Okay, now that you've seen where I'm "stuck" at in my head, you can understand that it doesn't fare very well for a 32 year old MOM!

This is how I see everyone else around me and how I wish I could look:

Trust me, I am HARD to dress up! These ladies all look great but when I attempt something like this, it comes out more like:

Yep, underneath all that "outfit" is just an old cow!
Since I don't work in corporate America so the classy pin stripes can stay safely tucked away... I'm not in my teens anymore so I can't revert back to the age of grunge.
I'm thinking a subtle compromise is in order... let's say "classy grunge"
Something like...


OR: (minus that watch and with a slightly more flow-y shirt for my apple shape!)

I definitely am not a fashionable girl but I do believe it's only 10% what you wear and 90% how you feel wearing it!

So, here's to comfortable- the best fashion of all!

Smile :) donnamusing

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